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Desperately seeking surrogate: I need a Mommy to spank me severely... I went on-line to check out the spanking chat rooms. After filling out all the required information, I clicked and sent it to the server...and waited...and waited...then this flashed up on my screen:


Please tell us a little bit more about your needs. Are you a dom or a sub, for example. Are you seeking a male or a female hook-up? A younger or an older spanking contact...

My fingers paused over the keyboard.  How much should I declare?  Any mistake at this stage would mean the whole attempt to enter the spankers' chatroom would fail.  I started to write:

I am seeking an understanding, strict Mommy who will put me over her knee and spank me harshly, but then rub my hot bottom gently and say soothing things to me in a soft murmur. I am seeking an older woman who can own and control me...who will expect both instant obedience and absolute devotion... read as if I was trying to find a bitch-queen. Some cruel tart in shiny black P.V.C. who would tie me up and cane me v…

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