PART 2 SPILT MILK - mature women harshly dominate and discipline a wicked milkman

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Yuzu here...just to say that to really enjoy the humiliations and sufferings of the wicked young milkman at the severe hands of four stern should go and read PART 1 Spilt Milk first...


'I am going to spank you,' the bending nude whispered, cupping and bunching her heavy bosom so that her peaked and hardened nipples brushed against his perspiring face. 'I am going to spank your bare bottom very, very hard, you wicked young milkman. My daughter-in-law has confessed everything to me. She needed a little...shall we say...encouragement. But as painful as it was I got it all out of her. Eventually. She has been severely punished, and I intend to keep a very strict eye on her from now on. She has paid the full price for her indiscretions...with you. But enough of that. This morning, it is your is your suffer.'

The sprawling milkman wriggled in vain. His eyes flickered up - but found no mercy in her stern gaze. Rising up slowly, the splendid nude briefly - but deliberately - crushed her stubby nipples into the milkman's eyes. He groaned, the sound torn from his lips ending in a low, moaning sob.

Seconds later, the nude was bending down over his upturned buttocks, her left hand pinning his neck down firmly, her right hand smoothing and palming his cheeks in readiness for the rain of pain to come. He tensed, squeezing his cheeks together tightly. The rubber-gloved fingers gripping his erect cock tightened painfully in response. He was now under the complete and absolute control of the four naked matures who held him in their cruel thrall.

'Relax your buttocks, milkman. I said relax. Soften your bottom...' the naked brunette controlling him across her lap instructed tersely. 'My friend here prefers to spank a soft bottom.'

Stubbornly, he refused, keeping the line of his squeezed cleft a tightened flesh-crease between his cheeks. The yellow glove gripping his cock relaxed...the splayed fingers slid down to cup and capture...then squeeze...his sac and balls. As the gloved fingers formed a tightening fist between his thighs, the milkman yelped in pain and immediately surrendered his bare bottom up to its doom.

The harsh flurry of loud spanks rang out loudly against the shining tiled walls of the kitchen. The firm, flattened palm of the punishing hand swept down harder and harder then faster and faster.
Grunting and cursing into his restrictive gag - but rendered immobile but the gloved fist at his balls - the bare bottomed milkman suffered severely as his scarlet cheeks seethed.

'I'm milking him now,' his tormentress announced, her tone primly clinical.

Across her lap, the naked milkman felt the rubber-gloved fingers release his sac and balls and return to grip his hot length. The harsh staccato of the spanking hand continued to bark aloud across his defenceless buttocks - and the gloved hand tightened and started to milk him. Rhythmically - in time to the punishing hand. As one nude's hand swept down across his bare bottom, the gloved hand at his cock squeezed and pulled...squeezed and pulled...driving him to new heights of frustrated frenzy. Burning and squirming in his shame and pain, the milkman tensed and jerked his bottom up - as if desirous of even harsher discipline. His sweat soaked neck strained hard against the hand that pinned it down and he suddenly squeezed his thighs together, screamed a smothered cry of anguished delight...and came. He came violently. Noisily. In the moment of release, he squirted loudly into the plastic jug.

Eager faces, their wide eyes sparkling with shocked delight, peered under his belly at his pulsing cock and glistening glans as five more savage spanks cracked down across his cheeks. His orgasm spasmed and ceased - though the thin edge of the plastic jug scraping his glans to catch the very last sticky pearl of semen caused him to hammer his hips in helpless abandon.

'Not much from that one,' the grey-eyed blonde opined doubtfully, holding the plastic jug aloft triumphantly and squinting into its opacity. 'I make that...hmmm...8cc. It's going to be a long job getting the full pint out of him.'

'We have all the time we need,' the cruel brunette whispered, absently tugging at then pulling out swiftly a coiled black hair from the milkman's pink anus.

'No, please, I'm sorry...please...I'll do anything...' The milkman's words, his pleas for pity and mercy, were genuine. But they went unheard, being merely another muffled moan to the ears of his implacable punishers.

'Next,' the brunette commanded.

A faint trace of Orange Water announced the presence of his second chastiser. It was the blonde, the grey-eyed blonde who had measured his first contribution of semen to the plastic jug.

'I want him kneeling on the floor,' she announced.

Her naked victim was positioned, thighs slightly apart, to her satisfaction.

'Give him the jug. Untie him. He can hold it himself, this time.'

The milkman, his hands released from their severe bondage, rubbed his wrists. Taking the plastic jug, he clasped it reluctantly at first, but an imperious tap from a stern finger had him angling the jug correctly so that it received his cock and balls.

Standing directly behind her kneeling victim, the blonde guided her left foot between his parted thighs and tapped his balls with her scrunched-up, pink varnished toenails. He clamped his thighs together, trapping her foot. She steadied herself decorously - her left arm stretched down to grip his shoulder.

'Open up,' she snarled softly.

The plastic jug trembled as he obeyed. And trembled again as she continued to toe his sac in slow, sweeping circles with her upraised foot. Peering briefly over his shoulder, she glimpsed his cock swelling and pulsing before thickening and straightening down into the jug.

Around him, silent though breathing hard, the other three nudes watched- their eyes vicious slits of eager expectation.

'Keep going,' the brunette hissed, flexing her gloved fingers slowly. 'Almost there.'

The grey-eyed blonde suddenly removed her foot, knelt down behind her victim and called aloud for a wooden spoon.

'Butter the handle,' she instructed.

The pale pear-wood spoon, its thick shaft glistening with a daub of yellow butter, was supplied. The grey-eyed blonde brushed the concave bowl of the spoon against her hot pink clitoral bud three times - slowly and firmly - before returning the pale pear-wood to her wide-open, wet heat to bruise it deliberately - causing her to snarl in pleasurable pain.

'Don't spill a single drop, milkman,' her voice curdled. After a brief silence, the wooden spoon spoke, harshly swiping across his right buttock. It left a strawberry blotch of scarlet pain. With her left hand still gripping his left shoulder, she sensed the milkman tense - sensed his gathering climax and the approaching ejaculation.

In response to both the swiping spoon across his rump, and the cool touch of her dominance at his shoulder, his naked body spasmed in her absolute thrall. Judging him to be only seconds away from a splattering release, the grey-eyed blonde twirled the pear-wood spoon deftly in her hand as she sank to her knees and rammed the buttered shaft in between his clenched cheeks. Probing his anus, penetrating deeply beyond his sphincter, the blonde pumped the pear-wood spoon wickedly. With a loud groan - audible to all despite his choking gag - the milkman slumped, emptying himself with a splatter into the plastic jug. As his seed spurted, the wooden shaft of the spoon pumped rhythmically. His buttocks clenched to trap and arrest it - but her skill with the buttered wood was far too much for him.

'That little contribution gives us a total of 17 cc so far,' the brunette chuckled darkly, holding the plastic jug aloft and examining the clouded fluid. 'We'll give him a quick cold shower, some very slow humiliation and thirty minutes rest to let his seed reassemble.'

The milkman suffered fresh torments and tasted new, sharper sorrows.
They were tenderly brutal with his naked body in the shower. Bound at the wrists once more, making it impossible for him to anything but bend and obey, the milkman had been propelled by three of his four naked captors to shiver under a freezing sluice. The fourth captor - the grey-eyed blonde who had used the wooden spoon so cunningly - knelt down alongside the bath tub in which he stood and shivered. Knees splayed and pressed down into the cork mat, the blonde masturbated: playing with herself openly and wantonly until she squealed her shrill climax long and loud.
Fingering the shower gel into his most secret places, the mature nudes deliberately 'nannied' him into utter and absolute humiliation - a humiliation completed when the yellow rubber gloved fingers visited his foreskin with a fastidious but bullying sponge. The intrusive rubber gloved fingers then visited his sensitive cleft - guiding a cruel nail brush between his punished cheeks. Cursing into his tight gag as he twisted and writhed to avoid the nail brush, he was forced to submit to their total domination. Roughly - even brutally- towelled dry, the milkman was subjected to their mocking laughter and derision as they sprinkled talc onto his cock and splashed stinging, astringent Orange Water into his gaping cleft. Frog-marched into a darkened bedroom, he was pushed down onto a bed. There he lay - falling into a dream-crazed sleep of exhaustion.

They woke him with black coffee laced with brandy. It was not an act of kindness. It was to keep him alert for further sport. His mouth was sore after the tight gag. His lips were bruised. His teeth ached. The hands that had tied the gag so tightly knew their job. The coffee was delicious - but he had to work his lips for several moments before he could gulp down and swallow the welcome drink. Over the rim of the white mug with the green parrot motif, his eyes rose up sorrowfully to meet the brunette's stern gaze.

She launched into a harsh rebuke, pouring scorn on his reputed prowess and mocking his assumed potency. Her cruel taunts stung as sharply as any leather belt. Satisfied that she had made her point adequately - the giggled laughter of the others confirmed this - she warned the milkman once and for all to leave the young housewives in Ferndale Close alone before picking up the plastic jug and waving it with an ominous flourish.

'Still some considerable way to go,' she warned, adding, 'I am sure nobody is missing you so we have the rest of the day. It isn't even ten yet.'

He returned her gaze with a frown. How did they know no-one would be missing him? What the hell did they mean? What the hell did they know?

'Oh we have been watching you very closely, milkman. Very closely indeed. We know every little thing you do, every little thing.'

He lowered his head.

'Take today, for example. By now you would have parked the milk float behind that cafe in Cross Street. After an hour in there - the young woman who cooks the breakfast bacon and eggs is always so pleased to see you...and serves up what you like hot and would go to the pub and drink for an hour or so...then on to the bookmakers to gamble on horses that never quite make the finishing line...'

He closed his eyes as his doom encircled him - and tightened.

'Nobody will miss you today, milkman, and that means you are completely ours.'

They ordered him to kneel against the side of a bed. The grey-eyed blonde took control of the plastic jug and held it carefully between her thighs as she knelt upon the bed. Her breasts swung deliciously inches from his wide eyed gaze. Guiding his cock into the plastic jug - which she held clamped between her thighs - she encircled his head with her arms and drew his face towards her: burying him into the soft swell of her bare breasts.

'Begin,' she commanded.

Swish, slice! Swish, slice! Swish, slice!

They caned him in an almost ritualistic manner. The three nudes stepped up in turn and plied evil whippy bamboo garden canes - biting into his bare bottom with savage delight. His muffled screams were buried in the blonde's bosom. Soon, the superb curves of each breasts were wet with his tears of humiliation and pain.

Swish, slice! Swish, slice! Swish, slice!

The whippy canes rose and fell in synchronised solemnity. Treading the carpet with their bare feet, the three majestic nudes approached the kneeling milkman, paused, raised their canes up high - and slashed them down across his quivering, red-lined buttocks. Slowly, the dark pink blemishes deepened to a purple shade of livid pain.

A nimble pair of hands loosened then removed his tight gag.

The grey-eyed blonde dimpled the bedspread with her wide bottom as she made herself more comfortable. She returned her breasts to his face - guiding his lips to her left nipple. It was pebble hard and raspberry red and raised to a fierce peak.

'Suck!' she murmured, her voice clotted with lust. 'Suck me hard as they stripe your bare bottom.'

His thickening cock stirred and tapped the side of the plastic jug with a muted drumming. The canes resumed their lethal whipping of his helpless bottom. In pain, dizzy with shame and humiliation - and now painfully erect and throbbing - the milkman gorged on the blonde's breast. He sucked so hard he was close to drawing milk from her flesh.

Flinching under the fresh onslaught of searing cane strokes, the milkman obediently accepted the blonde's other breast to his swollen lips. The mature nudes were approaching a frenzy - they whipped him mercilessly. The milkman sucked and sucked - taking in almost half of the large, soft breast. Transfixed in his pleasure-pain, the milkman's cock became engorged. It grew so stiff and erect that it threatened to rake up inside the plastic jug and dislodge it from the blonde's thighs. She shuffled on the bed and realigned the plastic jug - smothering his face entirely with her suffocating pillows of warm satin flesh.

Swish, swipe! Swish, swipe! Swish, swipe!

Relentlessly, remorselessly, and at maximum savagery, they caned his bottom and drove him to the very edge of his explosive release. Nuzzling the firm ripeness of the blonde's heavy breasts, the caned milkman pumped his hips and cried out aloud as three vicious strokes in a blistering blitz instantly launched him into a searing ecstasy. The liquid squirt rattled the plastic jug audibly. It could just be heard despite his muffled scream of delicious agony. The canes had broken his skin. His buttocks were raw. As semen dripped slowly from the snout of his spent cock before him, droplets of scarlet blood trickled down over the swell of his punished rump.

'That's 26 cc now,' he heard a distant voice murmur. 'Coming along nicely, but we are not there yet.'

He heard other vixen voices laughing. He opened his sweat-scalded eyes to see the plastic jug being passed around and held up for close scrutiny. He watched as it came to rest before the cool appraisal of the rubber-gloved brunette.

'Coming along,' she chuckled wickedly.

                                                *          *          *           *            *
Spreadeagled, his wrists and ankles were bound tightly to the bedposts with light brown nylon stockings. As he struggled and squirmed, the impromptu but effective bondage burned. All four matronly nudes mounted him, one at a time, kneeling down over - then onto - his helpless, upturned face. He spluttered and gasped as the first heavy bottom smothered him, subsiding into muted moaning as the hot, feral flesh above was expertly raked and rasped across his face and mouth.His erection rose sluggishly in response to the first vigorous queening; straightened potently as the second wet slit and hot anal whorl ravished him; engorged painfully as the third nude rode his face ruthlessly - squeezing her heavy buttocks onto him punishingly - and exploded violently in a shimmering jet that splashed against the side of the plastic jug.

'That makes it 31 cc so far,' pronounced the brunette who had been the last of the four nudes to ride their spreadeagled victim - forcing his ejaculation by demanding that he tongue her hot sphincter. She carefully calibrated the sticky contents in the plastic jug once more. 'Better make that 32 cc.'

                                              *                   *           *           *

To his surprise, they did not loosen his bonds - nor did they produce a whip, strap or hair brush. His bare buttocks, reddened and seared by earlier punishments, escaped direct chastisement for the next ninety minutes. It was to be an hour and a half that he would remember for the rest of his life.
They used little balls of soft cotton wool and stroked his skin with feathery cosmetic brushes. They used dabs of foundation, daubs of blusher, a dusting of face powder and short strokes of eye liner followed by an eyebrow pencil. Then they squatted around him, intensely closely, to apply sticky lipstick and the honey-like lip gloss. They giggled as they pressed around and over him - squashing their nakedness into each other. All girls together. Naked control.

In truth, he resisted their ministrations far more vehemently than he had resisted their earlier use of the lash and the cane. He writhed in his bondage and twisted his face savagely to escape the powder, the lipstick and the dewy lip gloss: but the cruel rubber glove cupping and squeezing his exposed balls quelled his frantic protests - forcing the helpless milkman to submit and surrender as they feminised him completely.

Burning with deep shame at the bizarre face staring back at him from the small, hand held mirror, he watched as his own tears trickled down to furrow the alien make up and smudge his eye liner. The sweetness of the lipstick failed to mask the sour taste of haunting humiliation. Without using a single instrument of chastisement or discipline - or spilling a single drop of his semen - they had broken the milkman as utterly as he would smash a bottle on a concrete path.

'Time for another donation to our milk fund, I think,' the brunette purred, untying his ankles as the blonde tackled the tightly tied nylons at his aching wrists.

Handing him two nylon stockings as he sat on the edge of the bed, the brunette ordered him to don them. Broken, he obeyed. He smoothed them into place around his upper thighs, flinching as their sheerness rustled under his palms. He stretched them as far as they would reach.

'Turn around. Back onto the bed...face down.' The naked brunette removed a trail of her dark hair from her forehead with a single yellow rubber sheathed finger. 'That's right,' she murmured, her voice now soothing. Almost seductive.

He lay face down, meekly awaiting further instructions. He was absolutely theirs now. Completely and utterly theirs to command and control. He drew his stocking-clad legs together. The brunette requested him to spread his legs apart. He obeyed without a murmur.

A dildo, fashioned in pale ivory and wickedly curved, was produced and anointed with a smear of face cream. The brunette held it close to the milkman's face and let his fear-shadowed eyes drink the full horror of the moment in. He choked as he begged for mercy. He swallowed his own pleading. The yellow gloved hand guided the tip of the dildo to his tightly clenched sphincter. For a few teasing moments the dildo worried the pink anal whorl. Suddenly, the dildo slipped in deeply between his parted cheeks. He sobbed softly as the supple wrist of the brunette pumped and pumped the dildo deeper and deeper. His naked body tensed and quivered. Stiffening, he arched his back. His cock speared the duvet.

'He's coming...catch it!' the brunette warned, pointing to the plastic jug.

The grey-eyed blonde giggled as she grabbed the jug and caught most of his silver squirt.

'Not even half a pint, girls. We've so much work to do...'

The cock of the walk, now a mere capon, collapsed down with a long groan.


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