Five minutes to midnight, Tuesday 31st. December. 2019.
Yuzu had been a bad girl and so a spanking...or perhaps Daddy's belt...was coming shortly.

Daddy told Yuzu to go and wait in our oshioki room, a spartan, unfurnished room set aside solely for the purpose of administering punishments.

Four minutes to midnight...and then the New Year.  The clock was ticking. My pulse was racing.  My throat was dry.  Butterflies fluttered within the walls of my belly.  Would Daddy use the hair brush?  Had I been bad enough to receive the cane?  Would 2020 be ushered in with a bare-bottomed caning?

Three minutes to midnight. The handle of the door sounded softly as Daddy entered the oshioki room and gently but firmly closed the door behind him.  The belt.  It was to be the belt.  How many, Daddy? I cried out silently.  How many. Daddy?

Two minutes to midnight.  Naked, I trembled but remained head bowed obediently.  At the base of my belly there was a surge of excitement...further below...I was already wet and juicy in anticipation of the black leather belt.  Daddy spoke in a quiet but sternly authoritative voice.  "Appu!"

Appu is our word.  It has a very special meaning.

This simple Japanese imperative carries a wealth of meaning.  In essence, it means: get down, face to the floor, arms up beyond your head...and bottom up!

I obeyed immediately.  My nipples kissed the hard wooden floor.  As you can see in the image above, there is no carpet or rug in our oshioki room.

A minute to go!  Daddy unfurled the belt, shortened it a little then raised it above my quivering bare bottom below.

Thirty seconds...

Daddy trailed the leather teasingly as he dangled the belt down over my bunched cheeks.

Twenty seconds to midnight...and the New Year...

"Twelve," Daddy announced.

"Thank you, Daddy,' I mumbled, my dry lips mouthing my penitence into the wooden floor.

Outside the apartment, whistles horns...the muffled explosions of huge fireworks...the world was trembling on the very edge of the new decade...

The clock ticked off the 15 seconds to midnight Daddy gave me a double stroke with the belt...swish, crack...swish, crack...I squealed softly and clouded the polished wooden floor with my hot breath. 

At twelve seconds to midnight, the belt spoke viciously...a triple whipping...swish, crack...swish, crack...swish, hips pumped violently in a frantic wriggle of futile escape...Daddy trod my bare bottom down with his foot and...

At six seconds to midnight...Daddy delivered a stinging rain of five strokes...tearing a scream from my parted lips as I striped bottom's red belt lines turning a purplish-blue already...

At two seconds to midnight Daddy dealt the deadly eleventh swipe of the belt down across my scalded, punished groan deepened into a sensual juice was spilling freely from orgasm was imminent...

Midnight. Outside, the world went crazy.

As the first second of 2020 registered on the clock, Daddy brought the belt down for the twelfth time...severely cutting into my squeezed pussy seethed a hot scald as my orgasm exploded...the first stroke of the New Year had indeed been the had made me come!

Look closely at the was taken before the belt was applied...the three red hearts denote an earlier orgasm...a late Xmas gift to myself...naughty Yuzu...conjured up with my new Paloqueth toy...the G-SPOT "RABBIT" vibrator...sublime!! Go on...enjoy know you want to...

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