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 My father was working in Oslo when my mother died.  He came back for the funeral but did not plan staying very long.  So I went to live with my Aunt Bella.  She was kind and I got away with blue murder - cake for breakfast, skipping lessons at college and drinking beer at the weekends.  I got drunk on my sixteenth birthday - and she did not even notice.

 Then the sky came crashing down.  

 My father re-married.  He was to remain in Oslo.  My step-mother was coming over to set up a new home.  Although she spoke excellent English, on the phone she sounded strict - with a slightly harsh, stern tone.  It gave me a crawling sensation of unease in my belly as I listened to her cool voice telling me how much she was looking forward to meeting me.

 And, she added, in a soft whisper, taking very good care of me.  Very good care and control.  Control? Something must have got lost in translation, I thought at the time.

 Those uneasy sensations were fully justified.  The third night together she saw me searching for a chilled beer.

 'No, no beer.  I will not have you drinking alcohol.  It is strictly forbidden.  Understood?'

 Startled by her sudden command, I blinked and nodded.

 'Let me see your grades.  Bring me your report for last semester.'

 I hesitated.  The report had not been good.  Far from it.  It recorded my underachieving - and my increasing unexplained absences.  I shrugged and told her it had been mislaid - knowing that I had in fact destroyed it.

 My step-mother tilted her head slightly and repeated the word sarcastically.  'Mislaid?'

 I nodded.

 'Then I am giving you five minutes to lay your hands on it and bring it to me at once.'

 'I don't...I mean, I can't...'

 'At once.  Understand?'

I  stretched my arms wide, palm upwards, in a gesture of resignation.

 'I promised your dear father that in his unfortunate absence I would take firm care and control of you, young man.  He rather suspected that your Aunt Bella might have been too soft on you.  Well, that is all over now.  Things are going to change around here.  Are you going to get me your report for last semester?'

 I blushed.  My mind was reeling.  What did she mean?  Firm.  Firm care.  Firm care and...control.

 'Upstairs.  Go to your bedroom.  You have been given every opportunity to comply with my wishes so now you have to pay the full penalty.  Up you go.'

 She is grounding me, I thought, disbelievingly.  Grounding me.  An early bed.  And I am sixteen.

 'Get undressed.  Get undressed and stand by your bed.  I will be up in a few minutes.'

 What had she just said?  Get undressed.  Had she actually said those words.  I shook my head - blushing slightly.

 'Go upstairs to your bedroom and get undressed,' came the crisp, unmistakable command.  My step-mother spoke with a clear, sharp diction.  Her Nordic accent gave her stern words a metallic authority that could not be dismissed or ignored.

 My face now burning hotly, I slowly went up to my bedroom.  My hand fumbled at the door and pushed it open.  Inside my bedroom, I sat down slowly on my unmade bed.  I listened closely for sounds of her approaching footsteps.  Nothing.  The house remained silent.  Silent and still.  Like a strange calm before a violent storm.

 I strained to hear something - anything - to break the tense silence.  Then I heard her bedroom door open and close.

 What was she doing?  My feverish mind ran riot - imagining all sorts of scenarios.  My step-mother was at her wardrobe searching for a leather belt.  I imagined her at her dressing table weighing a hair brush in the palm of her hand.  I sensed I was going to be punished.  Spanked, most probably.  And although the idea of being spanked very very severely on my bare bottom sent tiny spiders of alarm scurrying down my shivering spine - the thought of the impending punishment thickened my unfurling cock as it rose in suppressed excitement.  I remained seated on my bed, fully dressed, dry mouthed and alarmingly aroused.

 I heard the door to my step-mother's bedroom open and then click shut behind her.  But I could not hear her footsteps as she walked towards my bedroom door.  The tension built.  What was happening? What was she doing?  Then I heard the bathroom door open to receive her.  Seconds later, the soft sound of the shower.

 On the bed, I shifted slightly and sighed with relief.  She had simply sent me to bed, early.  There was not going to be a spanking, after all.  My step-mother had just sounded so menacing, so stern.  I had been briefly convinced - by her strict Nordic accent - that she had intended to punish me severely. She had, after all, merely meant that I should get undressed - and got to bed.  An early night, no supper.  That was how she intended to punish me.  I sighed and lay back down on my bed.  My cock was hard up against my shorts.  A strong pulse throbbed along its hot length.  I was almost tempted to take it out and...then I started to think about my step-mother.  Really think about her.  I had been with her for what...two, no three full days now.  And I had not actually considered her.  As a woman.  It had been tricky for me.  A shy awkwardness on my part lay between us.  She was always on the phone to my father - so I had left the room to leave them alone on the phone.

 Thirty-three?  Thirty-five, tops.  Yes.  She was no older than thirty-five.  A young mature, mellowing in the summertime of her splendour.  A real looker, too.  My step-mother was a tall, imperious blonde.  A true Nordic blonde.  But her eyes were clear grey - not ice blue.  Nice, strong nose.  Thin, determined lips - forming a strong mouth.  Yes, a strong mouth.  Indicative of cruelty?  I shivered.  I lay on my unmade bed and shivered - in delicious dread - or pleasurable anticipation.  I dropped my right hand down to my zip and unzipped.  Closing my eyes tight I eased out my hot, thick cock and pictured my step-mother in the shower.  I saw her honey-coloured naked shoulders and back shining under the hot sluice.  I saw her full bare bottom swaying as the creamy soap suds slithered down to her thighs.   The tip of my thumb pressed firmly down onto my glistening glans and I started to rub...slowly, rhythmically...

 My bedroom door opened sharply and my step-mother strode in, kicking the door shut behind her.
I grunted in alarm and sat up slightly, steadying myself on one elbow.  Rising up proud and erect from my crotch was my hot cock.  I hastened to cover it with my right hand.

 'I thought I told you to get undressed,' she snapped dangerously.

 Blushing furiously, I tried to stuff my cock back inside my jeans.  It was too stiff, too erect.  It refused to be concealed beneath the straining denim.  I groaned softly in a despair of embarrassment.

 My step-mother was naked.  No.  Not naked.  I glimpsed her blonde bush.  It was trapped behind the stretch of 'nearly-nude' sheer pantyhose.  My tongue felt larger than normal in my mouth.  I tried to swallow - but could not do so.  Her blonde hair - wet and gleaming - frame her strong face: a pale, immutable mask of dominance.  I trembled slightly - as did her heavy breasts.  The dark pink nipples were peaked after her shower.

 'I want you naked, young man.  Naked.  Now.'

 I hung my head down, avoiding the penetrating gaze of her sharp, grey eyes.  She strode across the carpet, her nylon sheathed feet treading softly, purposefully - assuredly.


 I reeled back, stung by the three slaps which punctuated her four harsh words of command.  Blinking away the welling tears that sparkled above my reddened cheeks, I gulped and hurriedly dragged my shirt up over my head.

 'Quickly...' she warned, her tone ripe with ominous dread.

 Scrambling now, I kicked off my jeans and tore off my vest and pants.  My cock sprang up to salute her.  She walked past me, pushed me gently aside, then sat down on my unmade bed.  Her rounded bottom dimpled the sheet beneath her.  She drew her knees almost primly together and planted her feet firmly into the carpet.  She scrunched her two hands into her thick tangled mane of blonde hair and swept it back from her stern face.  Naked and free, her heavy breasts danced gently.  I stared at them hungrily - longing for their soft warmth at my face.  My cock twitched and throbbed.

 'Naughty!' My step-mother reached out and tweaked - then tugged almost playfully - at my yearning erection.

 I grunted - and clenched my buttocks fiercely - trying to avoid ejaculating my hot seed over her face and breasts.

 'Kneel,' she commanded.

 I knelt, busying my knees into the carpet.  She crossed her legs briefly - then uncrossed them.  The sheer nylon pantyhose whispered dangerously as she did so.

 'Now, naughty boy.  Up and across step-mother's knee.  You know full well what's coming...and you know full well that you deserve it, don't you?'

 I nodded silently.

 'Don't you?' she insisted, tapping her upper thigh with a gesture that combined invitation with impatience.

 'Yes, step-mother.'

 'Step-mommy. You must call me step-mommy from now on, you understand?'

 'Yes,' I mumbled.'

 'Yes, what?'

 'Yes, step-moth...mommy.'

 'Across my knee...or do you say lap?'

My face was crimson as I said the word 'lap'.  Beneath my erection, my balls churned in their tight sac.

 'Step-mommy is waiting for her naughty little boy to give her his...bare bottom'.  She almost whispered the last two words.  Her voice sounded like velvet being slowly torn wide apart.

 I was over her knee...her lap.  My cock crushed down into the sheer nylon of the pantyhose stretched tightly across her thighs.  My toes scrunched into the carpet.  My bare bottom lay beneath her cruel, stern gaze.  I sensed her grey eyes drinking in the swell of each helpless buttock - and the fear signalled by the tight furrow dividing my tightly clenched cheeks.

 ' I will fulfil my promise made to your dear father, young man.  My promise to him to take firm care of you, firm care...and control.  Understand?'

 Stretched naked across her superb thighs, bare bottomed and abject, I could only nod.  I shrank a little as I felt her left hand settle with brutal tenderness at the nape of my neck - pinning me down ruthlessly.  My hot cock jerked rebelliously against her thighs as she trailed the fingernails of her right hand down my spine and, alighting at my bare bottom, drummed the crowns of each swollen cheek teasingly - then with an increasing dominance.

 She cupped and squeezed my bare bottom - cradling and controlling the soft flesh of each cheek in turn.  Then the spanking started.  With an explosive crack! of her strong, hard palm across the soft swell of my bare bottom.

 Crack, crack, spank! Crack, crack, spank!  She swept her hand down harshly - with a brutal energy and a cruel delight - for several minutes before pausing to caress my blazing bottom and murmur softly as she gazed down into my reddened cheeks.

 'Step-mommy is going to take firm care of you, naughty boy. Firm care...and total control.'

 She spanked me again...and again...crack, crack, spank! Crack, crack, spank!  I wriggled and struggled - but there was no escape.  Her grip on me was absolute.  Her authority over my naked bottom was supreme.  Soon, my feet were dancing - almost bicycling in the empty air.  I shouted then pleaded then squealed and...begged...yes...begged...for mercy.

 Sobbing, I implored her to cease. But she was utterly deaf and remained imperious. Crack, spank, spank! The rhythm quickened, the tempo increased. The spanking grew more savage. I was almost on the verge of....on the trembling brink of...then a golden crimson light illuminated my brain - soon flooding my whole interior. The heat - the blazing, blistering heat from my punished bottom - spread up throughout my entire naked body, coursing through my veins and arteries and flooding my limbs with a hot quicksilver of dark delight. My heart cried out in joyful torment.

 My suffering was strangely sweet. 

 My  pain was suddenly pleasurable. 

 I tasted the sugar of sorrow.

 'Down on you knees.'  My step-mother rubbed the palms of her scalded hands slowly, judiciously together as I struggled to obey her.

 Kneeling down before her, shivering with delicious dread, I gazed up at her sorrowfully.  She gazed back.  I could read nothing but triumph in her empty, grey eyes.  Suddenly, I snuffed the scent of her orgasm.  There, where the sheer nylon of her pantyhose tamed and trapped her blonde pubic coils, I glimpsed the glisten of her wet climax.

 'Hands up on your head, naughty boy.'

 Meekly, I obeyed.  My cock stretched out ramrod bold and unashamed.

 'I have taken firm care of you, as I promised your dear father I would.  Now, I will take control of you.  Absolute control.'

 She milked me deftly.  I cried out  - a happy shriek - as my hot spurt of liquid release splashed her breasts, soaking their ripe swollen roundness completely.  I blinked and watched - almost shyly - as my semen dripped from her stiff nipples onto the carpet below.


 I was sixteen and a half when my step-moth...sorry, step-mommy came to stay.  She took me under her strict and firm care...and absolute control... almost immediately.

 I am twenty one years older now. She still owns me. Absolutely. My bottom belongs to her and her alone. She milks me skilfully after every spanking, after every strapping - after every searching, scalding, bare-bottomed caning.

 Yes. My step-mommy took total control.  She owns me, body and mind.  I am hers.

 Utterly and completely.

This piece of erotic fiction was inspired by the racy BDSM books by Arabella Knight - including 'Taking Pains To Please' and 'Brought To Heel'. 
Arabella is one of the UK's leading writers of authentic erotic fiction. Google - choose - enjoy!!
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PALOQUETH... the pathway to pleasure for your personal paradise ...