LOVE HURTS ( PART ONE ) I came to learn this across my neighbour's knee...


The house next door had been empty for six weeks then in the heat of a fine July day a big blue truck pulled up and I looked down from my bedroom window to see a sofa, then a desk, some chairs and loads of boxes emerging.  I guessed from the big king-size bed and the small single bed that a family of three were moving in.  The single bed and some other stuff that went into the house with it was pink - so we had a girl moving in next door.

 She was seventeen - a year older than me - and delicious.  A juicy peach.  She was soon spread out on a patch of grass in their back yard on a white towel - her oiled body barely concealed by the risky, tiny black bikini.  It was a hot July and she loved the sun.  And I loved peeping down from our bathroom window at the back of our house, narrowing my eyes against the glare of the sun and drinking in her splayed hair on the towel; her small hands; the tight firm breasts captured by the tighter bikini bra - and that dark triangle of bikini that hid her secret down below.  How I longed to lift up that tiny black triangle and gaze intently at her moist flesh-lips...maybe touch them gently with my finger to open them up into a welcoming smile to receive my tongue...

Taking my cock out I would thumb it's length and then the purple snout slowly, firmly, letting the surge of fierce delight build and build.  I soon discovered the thrill of 'edging'...teasing myself almost to the trembling brink: almost, but not quite.  This neat trick made my balls ache so sweetly.  I would drop my cock and let it hang free - weighed down with its own warm weight - then capture it once more as I gazed down hungrily - hoping she would roll over and display her fantastic arse.

Magic!  She obliged - almost as if she had obeyed my telepathic command - and soon my hot seed, denied three or four times, would stream out in a sweet jet of intense release and delight.  I could not control it.  I thought about her arse.  I thought a lot about her arse as I masturbated.  Softly firm, sweetly rounded, pliant and supple.  Taut yet sensuous with a tight silky skin smoothly stretched across each perfect cheek.  And in the deep dark shadow of her sticky cleft...a pink anal rosebud: passive and pliant as I fingered it dominantly then tongued it hungrily.

I ejaculated massively.  A lot of it splashed over my hand, webbing my fingers in its sticky mess ... even more of it splattered against the pale blue tiling on the bathroom wall - slowly slithering down like a huge silvery exclamation mark.  Sweating freely, and slightly dizzy from the sweetly violent paroxysm, I would remain fixed at the bathroom window, panting from the exertion of my fierce masturbation, the sweat stinging my eyes.  Blinking my eyes, I would continue to gaze down intently at her lithe and gorgeous nubile body.

It got out of hand.  A thing like that is bound to.  I dumped my porn stash and cleared my brain of any and every distraction.  I only wanted - her.  I left my computer off and abandoned the teen-nude-girl sites that before her arrival I used to haunt until way past midnight.  Only she would do now.  Only the girl next door in the black bikini.  It was almost with a religious zeal that I excluded everyone and everything from my mind.

It was almost like being in love.

I got the binoculars from a second-hand store.  I told the guy there that I wanted to watch birds.  He was a birder himself so he listed all his favourites until my brain ached - but he knocked 20% off the price.

Mom caught me smuggling them indoors.  She raised an eyebrow.  I tried not to blush as I stammered out the lame tale of wanting to watch birds.  Mom folded her arms, unimpressed.  I remembered all the names of birds the guy in the second hand store had mentioned.  Mom raised her second eyebrow ironically.  I hate it when she sees through me and does that.

'Jays...and crows...and linnets...and tits...' I tried to convince her.

'Tits?' Mom challenged.

'Grey and blue tits...' I countered.

'And tits in a black bikini,' she murmured shrewdly.  'You behave yourself young man...or else.  If I catch you peeping at Pam you'll be sorry.'

I burned bright red as I slunk upstairs.

Pam.  My Mom had let slip her name.  Pam.  Pammy.  Pamela.

There she was, my Pam, spread out on the towel.  Her blonde hair sparkled in the sunshine.  The binoculars were a disappointment at first - just a shimmering dark blur.  But I got the trick of things and as soon as I had gently adjusted the lens her ear swam into clear focus.  Shit!  I could see a small diamond stud sparkling in her soft pink lobe.  Her eyes were closed.  I could even make out her trembling eye-lashes.  She was so close I could almost touch her...almost taste her sweet breath.  My cock grew hot and hard.  Her lips were moist and plump.  Her oiled neck and naked shoulders glistened.  Her pouting mouth...pert and provocative... thickened and quickened my stretching cock.  Each nipple stood proud and perfect.  My cock strained at my shorts.  I unzipped my denims and yanked down my cotton shorts.  My erection was hot and very hard.  I brought the binoculars down to train on the tiny black triangle at the base of her taut belly.  My throat tightened.  A stray wisp of blonde pubic fuzz glinted in the sunlight.  I saw her stretch down to scratch the plump softness of her thigh...then held my breath as her sun-darkened hand paused above her delta and I watched excitedly - my heart now hammering loudly - as she dipped her thumb tip down to tidy away the stray golden coils.

I placed the binoculars on the glass shelf and immediately masturbated - squeezing my eyes shut as I concentrated on the images seared into my mind: her tousled blonde hair; the pursed red lips that formed the sulky pout; the perfectly peaked nipples straining under the tight bikini top; the thumb tip discretely tidying away the stray wisp of pubic fuzz.

I came quickly and violently - the sweetest orgasm and ejaculation yet.  I was almost bent double as the thick squirt of semen shot out.  I was gasping for breath...dizzy with balls ached so sweetly after such a release...

'I know you are in their, son.  I hope you are not peeping at Pamela.'

It was my mother's stern voice on the other side of the bathroom door.  Fuck.

I smothered a groan and shook the sweat from my eyes.  Reaching across for a fistful of toilet paper, I carefully wiped up the gleaming wet mess on the pale blue tiles.

'Don't say you haven't been warned, son!' my Mom insisted.


I guess I grew careless.  The brain of the young male dulls when he is caught up in his first real maelstrom of love-lust.  The storm broke four days later.  As most storms do, it started with an ominous rumble.

'We have been invited next door this evening,' my Mom announced.  'You had better shower and get nice and fresh.'

'OK, Mom,' I shrugged.  'Will we get dinner, you suppose?'

I half-heard my Mom saying something about someone getting their just desserts but I let it pass.  My mind was on Pam. Pammy.  Pamela.  I was going to be sitting at a table eating with her...and I had seen her golden pubic fuzz.

There was no welcoming smell of pot roast or meat loaf to greet us when Pam's Mom greeted us at the front door.  Hell, I thought.  It'll be a tuna mayo salad.  No fries, even.

Pam was not present.  A strange calm stillness settled on the three of us as we sat together.  Pam's Mom killed the movie playing on a huge t.v. flat-screen with the remote and sat down beside me.  I felt suddenly nervous...well...uneasy.  It was like being in church on a Sunday a few minutes before the pastor was going to climb up onto his pulpit and angrily denounce - actually naming - sinners in our small community.  Adulterers.  Fornicators.  If anyone wanted to find out just who was illegitimately screwing who all that they had to do was rock up at our chapel eleven thirty on a Sunday morning.  It was that kind of a church.  Way past Lutheran, if you know what I mean.  Big on Purity...Hard on Sin, as it shouted in large red letters on the billboard outside.

 I shifted warily on the sofa next to Pam's Mom.

Pam came into the room.  I blinked and gasped aloud.  She was not wearing jeans, jumper and sneakers...she was barely covered by the three tiny pieces of her black bikini.  She looked...I don't know...sort of indecent...indoors.  I felt angry...I liked to see her like that...but I wanted to be the only one to see her like that.  Love is weird.  You have to deal with the jealousy.  You have to be ready to go slightly crazy.  I was learning fast, I guess.  Pam was virtually naked.  I guess I don't mean virtually or anything close to virtue.  She looked, as my pastor on Sunday would complain, 'as hot as sin'.  It was unsettling and arousing.

 I made an elaborate show of averting my gaze modestly.  I saw my Mom purse her lips in contempt.  Shit.  There was no fooling my Mom.

My mouth tongue thickened.  My cock stirred and nodded almost as if woken from slumber.

'Did you get my belt like I asked you?' Pam's mother said softly.

'Sure thing, Momma.'

I watched, spellbound, as her breasts bulged within their bikini-bra bondage, as she bent down to hand a thick brown leather belt to her mother.

'Hurt him good, Momma,' Pam murmured.

'I will, oh, I will,' her mother promised.  'Momma' unfurled the belt and let it dangle.

I started to get up from the sofa...

'Sit down, son. I warned you ... I told you ...' my Mom said sternly.  'No peeping at Pamela.'

'I wasn't...I didn't...'  It was all like being in a dream as I heard my own voice shouting.

'They both saw the flash of the sun on the binoculars.  That flash of sunlight betrayed your position.  Gave you away.  You were peeping through the bathroom window.  It was a sure giveaway, son.'

'No, I swear...I didn't...'

'Let's get this done,' my Mom said to Pam's Momma.

'Sure,' came the eager reply.  'I want him naked, mind.'

'Of course,' my Mom sounded almost sympathetic. 'Of course you do.  I saw to it that he showered. He'll be...clean...for you'

'Don't want to look down at a dirty butt while I'm whipping it,' Momma smiled grimly.

I made a start for the door but they anticipated me effortlessly and dragged me back to the sofa then forced me down onto my knees.

My Mom stood over me and, reaching down, caught up my jumper and peeled it off over my head.  I struggled and so as my face emerged - a bit hot and flustered - she smacked me twice, hard, leaving me blinking away the tears of pain and shame.

'Stand up!' she thundered.  Hadn't seen her like this for years.

I staggered to my feet.  Pam, Pammy, Pamela, was gazing at me with large, liquid eyes.  There was a cruel smile of anticipation twitching her devilish lips.

'Shoes and socks jeans and shorts off.  Right now!'

Fumbling, I stalled for time.

Crack! Crack!   The double pistol-shots of her right hand across my hot face left two distinct red blotches on either cheek.

Pam giggled loudly.  Tears filled my eyes as I stripped obediently.

'Kneel, boy!'

I knelt, trembling with shame...and fear.

My Mom grabbed a handful of my hair and forced me to look up at her as I knelt awkwardly at her feet.

'You know what the Good Book has to say about dirty little devils like you, don't you?  Hmm?  Answer me!  What does the Good Book say, boy?'

All those hours on my knees in Sunday worship had not been wasted on me.

'The unclean should be...' I paused, uncertainly.

'The unclean should be what?' she demanded.


'And the lewd...?'

'And the...the lewd and the ungodly should taste the scourge of righteousness and the kiss of the rod...' I whispered, the words spilling out, my mouth so dry and my tongue so swollen I was barely audible.

'So be it,' my Mom hissed.  'For peeping at Pamela you are to taste the belt, son.  The belt.'

'Do it, Momma, do it,' Pamela cut in, urgently, her voice tight with sexual arousal.  'Hurt him good, Momma.'

'Yes, all right, all right.  He's got it coming to him and believe me he is going to get it...go and fetch me another belt,'

Pamela smiled broadly and skipped out of the room - her briefly bikini-covered butt swaying temptingly like ripe fruit in a gentle breeze.  She returned gripping a second leather belt - equally vicious looking as the first belt resting her mother's lap.  I saw her bend her face down and sniff then lick the shining leather before she handed it towards her mother.


I'll take that, young lady,' my own mother purred dangerously.

Oh God, no.  They were both going to punish my bare butt with leather belts.  Soon I would be kneeling...or maybe over one of their laps, my bottom bare, and totally helpless as they whipped me with their cruel belts.


My Mom would see my bare butt - and my cock and balls - and so would Pam's Momma...and if I was across her lap she would feel my hard cock pressing into her soft thigh...and Pam would see it all...see the belt rise and swipe down...hear my cry...see my bare butt reddening and shiny with pain...glimpse my cock as I wriggled and struggled in agony...making bid after desperate bid to escape the belt...

'Pamela!'  my Mom rasped.  'Bend over across the sofa.'

Pam kind of giggled in disbelief.  'I'm sorry...pardon me...' she started.

'Does as you are told,' her own Momma commanded.  'I've spoken to you so many times about wearing such skimpy clothing out of doors.  That young man was tempted.  He is going to be punished...but you, girl, you were his temptress, the Eve to his Adam, so you must share in the punishment.  Kneel with your belly into the sofa and spread your arms out at each side...'

'No, Momma. please...I swear I'll...'

'Listen to me in future and obey me, yes I know you will, my girl.  And this lesson taught to you by the belt will guarantee such attentive listening and absolute obedience. Now get across to that sofa and bend over, girl.  Kneel in the punishment position...and get that bad butt of yours up high, you hear me?'

'No,'  Pammy begged, her voice shot through with little sobs.

Pam...Pammy...Pamela was squealing and protesting by now but my own Mom dragged her onto the sofa and into the kneeling, punishment position - and violently snatched away her bikini pieces.  I saw Pam crush her soft breasts into the back of the sofa and reach out her hands behind her to cover her bare bottom protectively.

Pam lifted her tear stained face up pitifully and begged to be spared the whipping.

'Be quiet,' my Mom snarled, flexing the cruel belt.  'Keep your mouth shut and your head down during...discipline.'  She whispered the last word as though it were a mild blasphemy.

'Give it to her hot and strong,' the naked girl's Momma urged my mother.  'Pam has been a tramp and a Jezebel and needs to be cleansed with the lash and...and purified with pain'

I heard the belt snap and bark before I understood that my Mom was whipping it down across Pam's bare bottom.  It was a sort of swish-swipe-crack! sound and it dragged a short scream from Pam's pouting lips.

My cock twitched as I saw Pam clench her whipped cheeks tightly and then waggle her punished bottom lewdly in an attempt to shake off the pain.  She crushed her breasts and golden bush into the soft fabric of the sofa.  I guessed her stubby nipples were suffering sweetly as they raked the crushed velvet.  A band of orange-pink betrayed where the leather had kissed her bare bottom so viciously.  As she jerked and then jiggled her whipped cheeks, I briefly glimpsed her dark cleft yawn...and inside I saw her tiny pink rosebud glistening.

Swish, snap!  The second swipe of the belt went low, biting into the swell of her bunched, clenched cheeks.  Pam squealed in response. Jeez, that was a zinger, I thought.  I watched covertly as her beautiful belt-marked bottom weaved frantically and waggled sensuously like an eel on a hot plate.

My mother applied the belt for the third time across Pam's sore arse.  I peeped quickly and saw the red lines of pain across her punished cheeks deepen to a pale purple.  She squealed aloud.  My cock rose up - almost inquisitively - in response.  Pam's punishment was giving me such a massive hard.

'Disgusting!' Pam's Momma snarled, grasping my erection and twisting it gently but firmly.  I rose up on my toes, scrunching them into the carpet until they turned white.

Snap, crack!  Snap, crack! 

Pam was really getting it now.  I was responding mind a riot.  The sight and sound of Pam's punishment made my balls churn and seethe in their sac. With her mother's punishing hand wrapped around my cock, I was terrified that I might shoot my load out all over her face.

'Momma' was gazing down at my erection.

'Have you no shame, boy?' she demanded.

The more Pam squirmed, the closer I was getting to ejaculation.  If I came, I would drench 'Momma' all across her proud breasts straining within her tight white cotton crisp blouse.

I lowered my eyes - deeply troubled and ashamed.

'Closer!' Pam's mother whispered savagely, beckoning me with a crooked finger which she then pointed down at my groin.

I obeyed with a sort of reluctant, almost defiant alacrity.  She had me and she knew it.  I was hers.  My bare bottom was going to be all hers.  For now she had my cock and balls. I was utterly helpless.

I shuffled my knees and approached her. She kicked off the fluffy pink mule from her right foot and glided her honey-coloured pantyhosed foot beneath my cock and hot sac.  I groaned.  She teased me mercilessly.  My sac rode her nylon-sheathed foot which she wiggled artfully.  Pam screamed softly as my mother whipped her hot arse with the belt.  It must have been the twelfth or the thirteenth stroke.  In the dull opaque reflective glass of the huge flat screen I saw my Mom rubbing her pussy as she swung the belt down across Pam's reddened, clenched cheeks again - and yet again.  Shit!  My Mom was getting off on punishing the naked girl kneeling on the sofa. With a carnal grunt I came, splashing Pam's mother's shiny leg with my hot seed.

She gasped and shuddered...her mouth open in a clear bout of ecstasy.  My warm semen slithered down and dripped onto the carpet from her curled toes.

'Get over my knee, young man.  Across my lap.  I am going to spank you good and hard to begin with.  Yes,' she murmured, almost to herself, 'a good old fashioned spanking to begin with...then let's see if we can correct your sinful wickedness with a generous dose of the leather belt. Hmm?'

I was over her knee now, entirely naked. My hot hard cock was pressing into her.  My sensitive snout could sense her supple warmth.  Her thigh was soft.  The flesh was palpable.  There was a warmth that sent my senses spinning into a dizzy delight.  But as Pam screamed under the fifteenth, sixteenth and seventeenth strokes of the belt across her helpless bare bottom, my dizzy delight was tinged with the darkness of dread.

'You are full of the devil's milk, boy...I'm going to beat it all out of you for once and for all. Understand?'

Submitting to her utterly, my naked body slumped across her warm thighs.

Yet...even in my mounting terror, a dark thrill caused my cock to thicken and it grew hot and hard once more...

........................END  OF  PART  ONE..................


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