Strictly Family Discipline


I came back from a four-month spell drilling for black liquid gold in
Alaska to find that she was way...way...out of control.


There were the college reports. Then I found out about the social worker sent along by the local police...some suspicion of underage drinking, and worse…the possibility of involvement in larceny...

 I am a widower with no new partner, so my step-sister had been looking after Susie.  But it had been a battle...a battle my step-sister had lost.

 'She needs a firm hand,' my step-sister purred as I re-read the college
report.  'Susie needs to feel your belt on her bare...'

 I remembering swallowing hard, noisily, at those words.  My cock thickened and strained in my pants.

‘A firm hand...your belt on her bare...’

 My step-sister smiled slowly, almost knowingly, as she checked out my involuntary reaction to her words.  I found her greedy dark eyes trained at the bulge in my crotch.

 She chuckled as she reached over to playfully knuckled my bulge, tapping it to torment. 


'The juvenile court won't be so lenient next time...and she's on her very last exclusion warning at college.  You have to take a firm line...she will hate it but thank you strong and do your duty.'


My step-sister sat beside me, pressing the soft warmth of her thigh into me.  She pressed the nail of her forefinger down into my knee and dragged it slowly…oh so slowly…up along my thigh.


‘So? Is poppa going to take the belt to little Susie’s bare arse? Uh?’

I stood up abruptly and sat down in the chair opposite.  My step-sister curled up and grinned as she watched me like a cat.


Swallowing hard, I closed my eyes and pictured myself in Susie's bedroom.  Sitting on her bed.  My brown leather belt curled up like a cobra on the pillow. My daughter Susie naked across my lap.  Bare bottomed, bare breasted and helpless.  There would be squeals of protest as I initially yanked her jeans and panties down.  Her little white Bobby Sox would flicker and flash as she bicycled her legs in a bid to escape.  Her wild blonde mane of unkempt hair tossing rebelliously...all in fear and dread of the leather belt.

 I would need to talk to her.  Rest my hand down across her bare bottom in a gesture of absolute control as I spoke to her.  Slowly, I would start to rub her soft bare cheeks with wide, circular sweeps of my dominant hand.


Coming towards the end of the lecture, my hand would reach for the coiled leather belt and hold it aloft...allowing it to unfurl so that the cold tip teased her just above the swell of her cheeks...then down into the shadow of her warm, dark cleft.


I opened my eyes.


My step-sister was still watching me intently.  Her dark eyes clouded with lust.


I noticed that her mouth was luscious. The red lips waxy – really wet and sticky - with lipstick and very, very moist.  She slowly let the tip of her wicked little wet pink tongue peep out as it probed out through her compressed red lips…like she was going to bubble some candy gum.  Just like Susie would do when sullen or sulky.  My balls felt heavy.  I shuddered as my cock stretched out hard…

 Later that night, urged on by my impatient step-sister, I was in Susie's
 bedroom.  Sitting on her bed.  With Susie, bare bottomed, across my lap.

'You can't do this!  You can't...'

 My free hand pinned her head down firmly.  I had to be strong on this one.  I had to take a firm line.

 'As your father I will do my duty, Susie...'

 'But you're not...not really...I'm adopted,' she wailed.

  Adopted.   It was all out in the open now.  Susie had blurted out the root cause of her troubles.  While I had been away in Alaska, Susie had found out from my exasperated step-sister that she had been adopted.  Now Susie was playing the adoption card as an excuse for running wild.  If this had been poker, the little brat was holding all the aces.


‘We adopted you because we loved you, Susie, loved you then and love you still…’ I heard myself almost growling.  ‘And now I’m going to spank you…spank you very hard…and then give you my belt…because I love you and I care…you understand me?’


Susie wriggled then twisted her face into my thigh.  I felt her teeth sink into me.


Shit!  Grabbing a handful of her golden mane I pulled her head up and away before forcing her down – holding her head down firmly in the punishment position.


Spank!  Spank!  Crack!  My hand came down hard across the softness of her helpless cheeks…they bounced and wobbled as each slap swipe severely across their peachy flesh.  Susie squealed in outrage and in pain. Good.  She was feeling it.  It was hurting.  It was meant to.

Spank!  Spank!  Crack! 

Susie cried out again, responding to each severe swipe of my hard hand across her soft cheeks with a shrill scream of pain and protest.

‘No use you squealing, Missy.  Poppa’s got to do what Poppa’s got to do…’ I managed to grunt between the next three sharp explosions of skin against skin.

She bicycled the empty air.  I snarled softly as I saw the dark cleft between her pink cheeks widen and yawn lewdly.

Crack!  Crack!  Swipe!

Susie’s scream spluttered and tailed off into a long slow moan, punctuated with sobs.  Pitifully she tried to shield her bare, hot, reddening bottom with her tiny little hand – the small fingers splayed protectively.  I grabbed her by the wrist and pushed her arm up her back.

Crack!  Crack!  Spank!

Susie bucked her hips and bare bottom in response…and then I saw the shine of her wetness between her thighs.  It was a fleeting glimpse of her little wet pussy and the shine of her excitement and arousal against the softness of her parted inner thighs.

A sudden savage fury blazed within me…

Crack!  Crack!  Spank!

Susie’s belly and thighs were writhing as they rode my fiercely erect cock beneath them.

Crack!  Crack!  Spank!

I sensed a movement at the bedroom door.  It opened very gently and closed silently.  My step-sister stood, hands on her hips, head held high, drinking in the spanked bottom she was staring so intently at.

‘Time you used your belt.  She is ready for the belt,’ she purred, her voice as thick as Vaseline.

I closed my eyes tight.  I squeezed the sweat from them.  My cock was painfully erect now.  Any minute now I would shoot my load.

‘She’s ready for it,’ my step-sister said softly – her voice a mere carnal whisper – as she scooped up the leather belt, unfurled it and let it dangle to dance teasingly on Susie’s hot bare bottom.  ‘Let me show you how it should be done, Daddy.’

Without a second’s hesitation, I felt a thrill like electricity sear through me as I pinned Susie down by the nape of her neck and grabbed her lower thighs tightly together.

Getting and keeping the girl naked down across my lap made me almost drunk with a sort of frenzied delight.  I loved the power. I loved being in absolute control.  My nuts sang at the prospect of punishment …punishment and …pain.

Swish, snap!  Swish, snap!

My step-sister whipped the belt down viciously – a double dose of shiny leather on soft peach-cheeks.  Susie found her voice again and a scream ripped the bedroom.

Swish, snap!  Swish, snap!

The reddening belt-welts were deepening.   Soon the dark bites from the leather would be turning blue…and then a purple shade of pure pain.

Again, again and yet again, the belt swiped down.  Susie was sobbing again.  Almost dry sobs now.  Almost all cried out.

My step-sister stepped back, tossed the belt at me and moved to stand over Susie’s head and shoulders.

‘I’ll hold her while you continue with the belt,’ she barked.

I somehow resented the way my step-sister was taking over.  I scowled at her.  Susie was mine! I was Daddy…I was in control. My step-sister almost snorted her contempt.  She looked at me insolently, reached out and pinched my left nipple. She gave it a vicious twist.

‘You’re loving it, soldier boy,’ she chuckled darkly.

My face burned as I turned away…hating her knowledge of me.

I used the belt severely on Susie’s bare bottom as my steep-sister held her down.

‘No more, OK Missy?’ I grunted between strokes of the cruel belt across her helpless bottom.  ‘And you are grounded. Got it?’ Lash! Snap!  ‘You are going to achieve a 100% college attendance…OK?’   Swipe!   Snap!  ‘No more booze…OK?’   Crack!  Crack!   ‘We looking for a good attitude, Missy -’ Crack!  Crack! Snap!  ‘- and a big improvement in your performance, OK?’

I saw my step-sister reach down and slowly sweep the palm of her right hand soothingly across the crowns of Susie’s whipped cheeks.

Susie mewed like a kitten at its cream.

My step-sister looked up. She stared directly into my eyes. I looked down – to see her dominant forefinger drag down along Susie’s dark cleft…deep into the heat tight between her red punished cheeks.

I tossed the belt away and dragged Susie closer to me.  I spanked her hard…drowning like a drunk in the sensation…and then, as my cock throbbed on the edge of orgasm…I imagined that it was my step-sister I was spanking…Yes! My step-sister…naked and …suffering.

Memories from my turbulent adolescence flooded my reeling brain. Those snatched glimpses of her running in tight white cotton panties to the john…reflections in her mirror as she brushed her hair, breasts bouncing in her little tight bra…under the hot bedclothes with her used pantyhose bunched up in my hand…masturbating furiously…as I sniffed them deeply…then wrapped around my cock as I exploded…emptying myself as I soaked their scintillating sheen.

Sweaty and almost in a trance, I lowered my spanking hand down across Susie’s hot bottom, trying to block memories of my step-sister.

I had just had a violent orgasm.  My wet pants stuck to the base of my belly.  My step-sister sniffed the air.  Her nostrils flared – haunted by the sweet reek of my hot semen.

Ignoring me, she bent back down over Susie’s bottom and started to caress and squeeze the soft heat.  Susie wailed – the note was different this time. It was not a shriek of protest but a softer scream of raw pleasure.  The female climax…building…building.

Seconds later I felt Susie jerk like a hooked salmon across my lap as my step-sister drove first one, then two, then three fingers tightly into Susie’s wet sphincter.  Susie squirmed as my step-sister pumped.

We left her on the bed, the belt curled up and placed down on her whipped bottom, turning the light out as we closed her bedroom door.

My step-sister rubbed the wet patch at my crotch. I flinched and stepped back a pace. She gently took my hand and placed it up her skirt between her thighs. She was wet too.

‘Do you want to take me in hand, hmm?  Take me to my room, put me across your knee, and treat me to a little bit of badly needed discipline?’

She saw in my face that I wanted to.  Badly.  I felt my stones tumbling once more in my sac.  Rolling like fucking dice.  And it would be a pair of sixes every throw with her across my knee getting the belt across her bare arse.

‘Come on, step-bro…it’s…legal…’ she whispered tauntingly, ‘sort of, I guess.’

And I wanted to come, furiously, shooting my load over her upturned face, soaking her breasts, drowning her mocking red-lipped mouth.

She read my thoughts.  Every dirty damn one of them.  She broke into them.

‘I know you want to…empty yourself all over me…sure…OK …I sort of get that, step-bro…but first, you have to punish me…hmm?’

‘The thing…the thing about punishment and discipline is…’

‘That we keep it in the family?  Fine by me, Daddy!