My teasing step-mom stepped over the line...and had to be punished.


That's her...right there...real tease, don't you think?

So proud of that pretty arse...that heavy, softly swollen arse...the dark cleft's depth leading down to her secret wet warmth...

She teased me mercilessly and laughed as I struggled with my erections...backing out of her bedroom as she struggled into her sheer shiny pantyhose...buttocks bulging as the darker waistband squeezed and bunched them voluptuously...

She turned me into a 'peeper'...a tight-bellied, dry-throated 'peeper'...hanging around outside the bathroom or across from her bedroom hoping for a privileged peep at her posterior...

I wanted her badly...and she knew it...but she never gave me anything other than a cock-thickening glimpse...damn tease...

I wanted kiss it, lick it, softly bite it, caress it, squeeze it...bury my hot face in its soft spread...then with a sweet violent urgency to spank it, belt it, cane it and...come all over it...jetting out almost painful squirts of my hot seed across her sweet peaches...making them shine and glisten as my load smeared them...

Let's be honest here...I wanted to fuck her and deep and with no animal fuck...firm and fast...hard and deep...I her fuck fuck it hard.

And so one day I made my dream come true.

She was teasing me and watching with those smiling eyes my confusion, my pain.

So I squared up to her.  She blinked and looked momentarily puzzled as I approached and levelling my outstretched hands at her silk blouse... planted them on her barely concealed breasts which I slowly...painfully...squeezed. We were alone together in the house. I frog-marched her into her bedroom. I stripped her naked...and to be truthful to her she helped...unclipping her bra eagerly and tossing it aside...stepping hastily out of the little black thong I had just snatched down...

She was a provocatively shy way...thrilled by the idea of having broken me...and having me firmly in her control...

She saw me as her plaything...a sulky youth to tease and torment. But as my lungs filled up and my heart hammered within me, I felt a surge of molten delight explode in my brain.

Yes...she thought I was her plaything...but now I was in charge and I was going to let her know it...

Before I fucked her I punished her. 

Punished her for all the teasing I had had to endure.

I took my time. I tied her hands together tightly at the wrists with her pantyhose once I had got her completely naked and across the bed. She squealed sharply...and then moaned softly as I grabbed a fistful of her short blonde hair.

I fingers splayed and useless like a drunk at a I ransacked her wardrobe and her bedside cabinet looking...searching frantically...for the means of punishing her gorgeous, big bare bottom.

 I found the belt and the hairbrush I desired...

And then I started on her arse.

The spanking was brisk and exciting. I was...exultant. My cock strained to bursting point as I spanked her savagely. I should have paused to peruse the fruits of punishment. I should have lingered to drink in her pink pain...the soft cheeks bulging as she squeezed them so that her cleft became a thin crease...but there was a savage urgency in me that was impatient with such refinement...I did not kiss or lick her spanked cheeks...tongue-taste her suffering...I did not close my eyes and press my face into the scald of her sore bottom...I just tossed the hairbrush aside and grinned down at her as she continued her howling...and then took the belt to her molten reddened arse and whipped it down again...and again...and again...I lost count...but I gave her...plenty.

She sobbed. I felt her breasts...squeezing their soft bulging warmth. I thumbed her nipples...they were peaked with pleasure-pain. I drove two firm straightened fingers into her hot anal hole. She screamed obscenities...but her tear-flooded eyes begged me for more.

Slut. I sure gave her...more.

I knelt over her and within a minute I emptied my sac all over her nakedness... my semen running down the lower part of her dimpled spine and trickling down the crack between her whipped cheeks.

At long last...I had nailed her.

My mean-bitch tease of a step-mother lay hair brush-spanked, belt-strapped and semen-soaked across the bed.

You ask if I fucked her?

Of course I did. 

Still do. I make her beg for it, though. And only after she has tasted the...pleasures of pain.

You want to see another photo of her...after punishment. Bet you do. You want a shot of her big soft swollen arse blotched red from the hairbrush and showing the bruising blue of the belt welts. Red stripes across her pink, pain-swollen cheeks.

Bet you sure do.

But here's the thing. Go back up to the top of this page and take another look at her...

 Focus on the arse. 

Now close your eyes and see the hairbrush doing its work. Hear the belt whistling down to snap-crack her hot cheeks. 

Snap-crack! Snap-crack! 

The sound of punishment and pain...a sound that should tighten your throat and your scrotum.

Go on...picture her arse receiving punishment. Now imagine that arse and red and purple and blue...and silver with my semen. 

Somethings are best seen and understood with the inner eye. Trust me.